Retake Guidelines

You are probably visiting this page because you did not perform as well as you would have liked on a recent quiz, test, or assessment.  It happens to the best of us sometimes.  The good news is that I believe you should have another opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned.  The bad news is that you have a little work ahead of you (see guidelines below).

Retake Guidelines:

  1. You may request a retake for ONE learning objective (example language) each week.  You will do this by completing a retake request form.
  2. Before coming to your retake session you will analyze your test or quiz.  For each question that you got wrong in the particular learning objectives you will: (1) tell me why you choose the answer you did [if you guessed, that’s okay.  But if you got 15 questions wrong because you were guessing, I think we know what your problem was], (2) what the correct answer is, and (3) why that is the correct answer.  I firmly believe that this metacognition is important for your learning process.
  3. You agree to study and prepare for your retake.  FYI: I am likely to quiz you about what you did to prepare.
  4. Show up at your requested period prepared with documentation of your preparation.  If you do not show up at your requested time or if you are unprepared, I may not let you retake that particular section.

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