Habits of Work (HoW)

I will use the MTA HoW Rubric to assess your Habits of Work (HoW) on a monthly basis. These scores will reflect your performance for only that particular unit. It is important to me that the scores in my gradebook accurately reflect your knowledge about the content we are discussing in the course.  For this reason I have removed all of the “HoW you are as a student” factors from the grading of individual assignments and instead will report them here.  For instance, if you turn in a particular assignment late and get all of the assignment correct you would see the score for the assignment reported as 100% and your HoW score the work would be lower because you obviously understand the material, you just did not complete the assignment in a timely manner.

Students often struggle with exceeding the standard for a particular category on the HoW rubric because they are used to earning full credit for doing everything they were asked to do. This is not the case with the my class and the MTA HoW rubric. If you do all that is asked of you, you will meet the standard and earn a “3”.

If you are interested in exceeding the standard in prepares for class, one way to do this is to complete a Current Science Article Analysis.

Periodically I will ask you to assess your own progress in the HoW category.  You will do this by completing this form.

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