Evolution Unit

In this unit we will be investigating the fundamental idea behind all of biology, evolution. We will work to address the following enduring understands from AP Biology curriculum:

  • 1.A: Change in the genetic makeup of a population over time is evolution.
  • 1.B: Organisms are linked by lines of descent from common ancestry.
  • 1.C: Life continues to evolve within a changing environment.
  • 1.D: The origin of living systems is explained by natural processes.

The specific learning objectives addressed in this unit are linked here.

Chapter # – NAME

  • Concept #.# – Title

Readings & Videos:

Learning Activities:



The Origin of Species: Lizards in an Evolutionary Tree  Video

Using DNA to Explore Lizard Phylogeny Activity

Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab


Five Fingers of Evolution Animation

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I help students learn science. I teach at Windham High School in Maine.
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